2018/19 Shoot Schedule


December 30              Tri-County Clays League at Bradford


January 26                  Univ. of Pitt Baseball Clays Shoot

January 27                  Tri-County Clays League at Bradford


February 23                Boy Scout Sporting Clays shoot     BSA Slays Benefit Shoot     BSA Youth Trap tournament

February 24                Tri-County Clays League at Bradford     Tri County Clays League 2018-2019 – Wk12 Individual Scores by Club


March 16                    Moe Goepfert Memorial Shoot and League Banquet at Bradford     Tri-c final trophy list 2018-19       Tri County Clays League 2018-2019 – Top Shooters


April 19 & 20             Good Friday Registered Trap Shoot


May 5                          Spring Ironman Shoot      BGC Ironman 05 05 19

May 8                          Summer Skeet League starts

May 25, 26 & 27        Zippo Registered Trap Shoot     2019 Zippo Shoot results


June 23                        Memorial Registered Trap Shoot      2019 Memorial trap Shoot Results

June 26                        Annual Meeting & Family Picnic     ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING AND FAMILY PICNIC


July 17                           Summer 5-Stand League starts

July 28                          Shell Registered Trap Shoot        2019 Shell Shoot Results


August 18                   Warriors Ironman Shoot    My apologies for the late posting of the scores, there was an error in the original scoring that had to be corrected.    Warrior’s Ironman 2019 Shoot Scoring 08 29 19 Corrected A

Aug 31, Sept 1 & 2     Case Cutlery Registered Trap Shoot


September 14              Brad Penn Oil Museum Benefit Clays Shoot

September 21              Fraternal Order of Police Sporting Clays Shoot       FOP Clays Shoot 2019

September 29              Registered Trap Shoot        2019 Final Trap Shoot


October 6                    Fall Ironman Shoot        2019 Fall Ironman     2019 Fall Ironman Shoot Scoring 10 06 19


 All Sundays     Turkey Shoots          TURKEY SHOOTS